Complimentary 30 minute Life Purpose Discovery Session

Are you someone who’s searching for clarity around your purpose?

  • Perhaps you are tired of being confused and frustrated on what options you need to take in your next steps?
  • Are you unable to trust yourself fully sometimes feeling powerlessness on your direction?

Then here is an opportunity for you, that maybe the solution.

Luanne-Hands-up-large.jpgHi I am Luanne Mareen and a Master of Scientific Hand Analyst.

Seven years ago I was running a business that I once loved but it had served its purpose. I was bored searching for my real life purpose but I was feeling confused and frustrated are where to get that and where to start.

In fact, I started many things. Real estate investing, life coaching, even looked into buying a franchise for weight loss but nothing felt 100% right.

I was hiding out so to speak, wonderful clue right there.  Can you relate ?

But something in all of those careers and businesses I started seemed okay. There was something in all of them that I liked, but each one was not aligned fully for what I was here to do.

And that’s when I came across Scientific Hand Analysis. It was a lightning bolt moment, I booked in to have my hands analyzed – I wanted to know my purpose, the design I was supposed to live by.

It was a 4-figure investment $1800 in fact, and I would have paid $18,000 for the information that was given to me that day.

lifepurposeimage-large.pngWhat was given to me was 4 pieces of the Puzzle I had been missing:

  1. Soul’s purpose, my Life purpose, what I am here to do, experience and be in joy doing.

  2. My Life’s lesson, things that holds me back from actually embodying my purpose and the thing kept coming up over and over again even though I did a lot of work around it. But I knew now how to flip that around for my benefit.

  3. My Life school, a foundation in favor of my life design and

  4. All my Gift markings and the gift markings that I have to support my purpose were amazing, but if I had ignored them, or if I had kept ignoring them, they would shake me up big time as they want to be used.

It was the perfect map.

And I cried my eyes out as this was all explained to me in 60 minutes because I knew deep down inside that this was exactly what I was here to do. She had my number, so to speak and I couldn’t hide it away anymore, tucking myself away in the office during meaningless work.

From there, I went on to embrace and embody my life’s purpose over the years. And in truth, that is still happening now. Your life purpose is lifelong, but I got the exact clarity I wanted and even more important that day was I got Permission.

  • I got permission to stop stuffing around with my life’s purpose,

  • I got permission to start living by my Life Purpose design

  • I had permission to show up and be in service, enjoy the work that I love.

And this is where I want to invite you into having a taste of what this was like.

So right now, you’ve landed on this page because you are seeking clarity, we may be confused about which direction to go and so you can book in for a 30-minute strategy Life Purpose Discovery session.

So what happens in this life purpose session?

After I receive your photos and or prints - I will pick one marker in your hand and tell you everything about it.

How it needs to be embraced, what happens if it is not, and how to own this part of your Purpose.

It could be a Gift Marking, A life Lesson, A Life Purpose or even a Heart line - what ever shows up for us to go into depth with.

pluto-star-medium.jpgThe hands contain lots of information about your Life Purpose and we don’t have to do that over 30 minutes but I am going to zero in on one particular marking, on finger print, something that is in your hands so that you can take away and put that into action straight away.

But this is not an intuitive reading, this is a scientific based system that I am using, and I am actually decoding them out in your hands.

And it’s not the people who just want to “Awww this is lovely, I want to see what’s in there” I want only if you’re serious about embodying your Life Purpose, wanting to know what’s kind of holding you back on that then this is for you.


When you click book now I will take you to a page with all the instructions and I truly look forward to connecting with you soon.

Many Blissings


 handprinting class.jpg


  • “Luanne read both mine and my husbands and I have to say I was blown away by the accuracy and pleased with the insights she shared with us both. It was really great to see that my husband and I are both upfront people(much to his surprise) and that our gifts really compliment each other.

    Thanks so much Luanne. I highly recommend this service as a way to gain extra insight and clarity about yourself and your life vision.”

    Ludwina Dautovic”

  • ““OMG Luanne!!! Your reading is absolutely amazing!!!
    Your reading was absolutely spot on in everything you said. I will start screaming your name to everyone I know?
    From the very beginning with my life lesson being ‘powerlessness’. Growing up I was a real ‘why me’ person. I have overcome this however now I am up to the ‘underselling’ and giving other people credit for my work. Blowing everyone’s trumpet but my own. Your reading has changed this! I am so ready to blow my own trumpet now! My life purpose section filled me up so much. It was so great to hear clarification of everything I have been thinking and feeling since I was a little girl.”

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

  • ““Hello Luanne OMG this is truly amazing.. Just absolutely “SPOT ON”.. So funny as I was listening my thinking was “yeah but Luanne knows me and what if she is just telling me what she knows” and then you talk about my “trust” issues lol.. Everything is soooo true.. My gifts really excite me and now I absolutely know 100% I am on my right path-just having that extra clarification is HUGE!!!”

  • “Luanne, I have to ‘hand’ it to you!
    Your hand analysis was amazing – everything you said resonated with me at a core level. It confirmed that I’m on the right track, being in the ‘School of Service’, but I was surprised that I should be ‘in the spotlight’ in a big way – however, that feels completely right, and explains how I’ve written three books and now have a global audience through my coaching website! Also, it was fabulous to discover my gift markings (including that I’m a ‘gifted healer’) and that I need to share these gifts. There’s nothing like a nudge from the Universe – through you – to give me even more inspiration to share my passions with the world. (I’ve actually written a blog post about the hand analysis you did for me, because I was so impressed! Here’s the link:
    I definitely will be recommending your hand analysis to all of my coaching clients. Luanne, you are truly an extraordinary woman with a beautiful energy, and a purpose that’s on fire! Thank you for sharing yet another of your gifts with us.
    Joanne Newell”

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Question #1: How long will the session be

The discovery session will be for 30 minutes via phone.

Question #2: Is this an intuitive reading?

No this is not, even though I am highly intuitive. This reading is based on Scientific principles. Anyone can learn this system and I have 7 years experience and read thousands of hands.

Question #3: How can I get my hand photos to you

All will be explained when you click book now. A video advising on what you need to provide me with and all very easy to provide.

Question #4: Can I just get a Full Reading ?

Yes you can, if you know right now that you want a Full Session then head over to FULL READING 

and book in for this.

Free Life Purpose Discovery Session

Using Scientific Hand Analysis - here is your opportunity for clarity