A Powerful INVITATION to women and men who are ready to come face-to-face with your Divine Life Purpose through
Scientific Hand Analysis

Join me now for this simple 12 week online course delivered live online, where you will be able to De-code your Purpose, Discover your blind spots, turn them to your benefit and find out the Path you came to Embrace and Enjoy.

Your soul has come into this world for a specific reason. After many years of searching for my own, until I had my own Hand Analysis reading I tried everything.  Some of it was useful and some of it was laughable. Can you relate?


  • Are you feeling mis-aligned to your Purpose?
  • Unexcited about your current business or career?
  • Are you forever apologizing for your Gifts or not sure what they actually are?
  • Are you hiding out in your business or relationships?
  • Are you done with all the people pleasing and ready to Own the true YOU?


Identify the design you were born to live, and activate your Gifts?

It's time to stop the search BECAUSE ...

Did you know the information has been right in front of you the whole time. In your hands.  All you need to do is to learn what it all means and what you are left with is a systematic, repeatable, non-intuitive method that gets you back into your LIFE PURPOSE.


Everywhere you go you take your hands, thus you take your soul agreements. Truly. It's at the tips of your fingers. You can't escape it. It's permanently marked. From before birth until you die.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is not only learning what your design is but to also surrender into it, to own it, know it, become friends with it, embrace it, love it and love yourself expressing your design.


What’s different about learning your Life Purpose through Hand Analysis is that with hands your Life Purpose is encoded in your fingerprints. It’s with you at birth. Other methods are challenged to decode what is written on your body.

Your fingerprints are formed by 16 weeks after conception and never change.

Your soul agreement doesn’t change based on another method of learning.
Yes, there are always new layers of understanding and expression to discover about it, but the core of it is consistent no matter what.


This is your design, your soul agreement, your soul contract.


In addition to learning to identify fingerprint patterns and what they mean, we will also be delving into language to express them.


New insights are constant about your soul's agenda. How to express what your fingerprints say is an ongoing journey – it’s a Life Journey.

➢ What if you trusted the map in your hands that identifies your soul agreement? Wouldn't that be something?

➢ Did you know that your entire body is your individual soul map, which is why no two people look exactly the same?

➢ Your hands are a microcosm of your body also making them a soul map.

➢ No two hands are the same. Look at your hands now and notice that there are differences between your left and right hands.

➢ What's even more amazing is that your fingerprints are so unique to you that nobody has exactly the same pattern minutiae as you do - the little tiny lines that make up your fingerprints.

➢ Here is the BEST news: the fingerprints, formed by 16 weeks after conception, actually identify your Life Purpose - your Soul Agreement, the reason you have incarnated into this body.

➢ Because the fingerprints never change, they provide extremely profound insight about you and your journey.

In this inspirational, in-depth and insightful training, I will be sharing with you and engaging you in a deeper exploration of your fingerprints – teaching you the tools and the wisdom of the Fingerprint System.

This training is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to decode the fingerprints to determine Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School. Learning this Scientific Hand Analysis System will deepen your own soul journey and those of your clients should you wish to use this as one of your tools.

  • Or if you are ready to delve more deeply into your soul agreement design this is the class for you. I will be sharing and exploring many layers of language, expressions and ways that each of the digits expresses the above contracts. You could never learn this in a private reading in an hour. Nor could you learn this by reading a book. The depth of knowledge, wisdom, insight and tangible specifics that will be presented and discussed can only be done in a class.

    What if you could truly KNOW your design for this life?

    How would it change things for you?

    What clarity would be welcomed?

    How would you honor yourself differently and be kinder to yourself?

    More self-accepting and more self-appreciating?


What we will be covering in the curriculum


It's a LIFE journey. Not a week's journey or a month's journey.

The Life Purpose Discovery Training Level 1, Intensive, is focused on:

• Identifying fingerprint patterns.

• How to make hand prints

Hands-on-table-print-medium.jpgHow to determine which fingers are Life Purpose fingers.

• How to determine which fingers are Life Lesson fingers.

• How to determine your Life School.

• Learning what each of these means for you and then how you can support others on their journey of self-discovering and ownership of their soul contracts.

• You will have time to practice reading other people’s hands - thus you will also receive readings. So much insight will come to you through these readings in class. It's amazing what you learn by having to share with another what you have learned. The readings help you gain confidence is what you are learning as well.

• There are very detailed and clear class materials that you will be given and where you can make notes.

• Power Points with pictures are also used so you can take in the information in multiple ways depending on your learning style.

• Each person will receive individual clarity about their fingerprint patterns and a Life Purpose statement.




The purpose of your Life School(s) is your ‘big picture’ why – why you are here on Earth.

Your school(s) identifies your natural skills and is the overarching energy of your life

The course will cover:

• School of Service = whorls = THE PATH OF CONSCIOUSNESS

• School of Love = loops = THE PATH OF THE HEART

• School of Wisdom = tented arches = THE PATH OF THOUGHTFUL ACTION

• School of Peace = arches = THE PATH OF THE BODY




What reduction in confusion, suffering, misery and self-inflicted pain? Paradoxically, your biggest TEST is your greatest TEACHER.
Your Life Lesson is the KEY to your hands and the KEY to your life. It makes it possible to move forward with EASE and CLARITY when you open-heartedly embrace the challenges your Life Lesson throws your way.

There isn’t any short cut around it. Loving it, embracing it, honoring it and cherishing it are the keys to your life’s success. It’s encoded in your fingerprints and will never change. Hmmmm. Just wondering if it’s worth become intimately familiar with!


Some of the possible Life Lessons from the fingerprints include:

• Failure/Frustration/Incompletion Issues
• Powerlessness/Helpless Overwhelm/”I’m Trapped” Issues
• Self-Worth/Integrity/Money Issues
• Apathy/Creativity Block Issues
• Mute/Difficulty Speaking Up For One’s Self Issues
• Family and Community Out of Sync Issues
• Victimization/Shame/Numbness Issues
• Self-Worth/Guilt/”What’s My Niche?” Issues
• Paralyzing Fear of Rejection Issues
• Trust/Surrender/Intimacy Issues

Join us to DE-CODE your own Life Lesson and then give this gift to your clients.

The Life Lesson will help you:

• Understand your repeating patterns and TRIGGERS (and that of your clients) and how to manage them
• Discover that the thing you struggle with is actually the CORE teaching you offer in your business and your life
• Move you to your edge and be amazing
• Develop more richer and more intimate relationships with the people in your life
• Stop sabotaging yourself
• Move forward with validation, permission, confidence, clarity and conviction And so much more! (Of course, as there is ALWAYS more!)




The hands reveal many possible Life Purposes. Your Life Purpose is your sacred contract, the agreement you made when you came to Earth to fulfill your destiny and advance the evolution of the Universe. It’s THAT important!

Some examples of possible Life Purposes from the fingerprints include:

• Success/Completion/”The Doer”
• Leader/Visionary/Entrepreneur

• Money/Integrity/Business
• Creative Expression in the Spotlight
• Author/Speaker with a Message to Deliver
• Family and Community in Sync
• Live Your Passions
• Mentor/Coach/Spiritual Teacher
• Innovator/Maverick/Master Craftsperson
• Healer/Inspirational Communicator


Join a committed group of people to DE-CODE your own Life Purpose and then give this gift to your clients.

The Life Purpose will help you:

• KNOW exactly WHY you are here on the planet
• Find your unique passions and joy so you can lead a Purposeful Life
• Align your work with your Soul’s True Purpose
• Wake up each day ready to embrace your life!
• Bring order to your past history and future goals
• Show your clients a clear path to their own success
• Gain the clarity and vision you’ve always known was inside you

Life Lesson

The hands reveal many possible Life Lessons. Imagine being able to know — once and for all — your own BLIND SPOT — and then being able to point this out to your clients. How much time will this save them?




How the thumbs is the way to your Manifestation

Identify a thumb that manifests with ease

A thumb that must work hard for results

Anxious, bullying, tactful and willful thumb profiles

and much more


handprinting class.jpg


If you want to use this modality as a coaching tool then there is a module for you on how to set up for a profitable start.

Life Purpose readings prices can go from anything $150 - $1500 depending on expertise and confidence. If this is a stream of income you wish to use then this module is included.

Hand Analysis Introductory evenings are also a great way of sharing this work with others if that is your wish.



I am so very excited to be sharing this profound, accurate, insightful system for self-discovery with you!

This class would not be possible without the discoveries and innovations of Richard Unger, Master Hand Analyst, Founder and Director of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. My own personal teachers Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers have been such great inspirations to me on this journey.  The more people know their Life Purpose - the happier the world would be.

Each teacher has their own flavor or teaching through our own life experiences but the DATA is the DATA which is why I love this system so much.

About Me:

luanne-normal.jpgLuanne Mareen, Certified Master Hand Analyst, had my first Scientific Hand Analysis Reading in 2009. I knew the moment I had that reading that I was going to go to the USA and get trained and bring it back to Australia to spread this work as much as I could. More people are desiring to know their Life Purpose. Be warned though – once you Know you can never Un-know.

That was 9 years ago now and I have always had a passion for this work and to help as many people as possible to be on Purpose.  Originally from New Zealand I moved to Australia in 1995 and settled in Melbourne after spending time in Alice Springs, Darwin & Sydney.  I have two tweenage children and live with my partner on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Also an NLP Master, Author, International speaker making a Public Impact in the Healing Arts through service, I love creating a Sanctuary for others so they can truly express who they really are.

Inspiring women (and men) to embody and create their life by their Unique design,  I use Scientific Hand Analysis along with my well know Goddess on Purpose or The Way of the Gifted Goddess Events to bring communities of people on Purpose together.



My True Spirit Statement is:


The True Spirit of my work is to give women
The joy of seeing their own beauty and power
That comes from
Remembering that they have gifts to share and a special purpose,
that they are here to do great things,
and recognizing the urgent need for them to get out and share those gifts
for their own passionate fulfillment and for the happiness of the world around them.


“I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Pleasure, Power and Prosperity.”

—Luanne Mareen, Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Goddess on Purpose













Welcome to the Life Purpose community where the joy of learning in a group environment is not only the content, but the relationships that are created.

You receive insight from not only Luanne but from the other students..


Your investment $1497
Payment Plan available 4 x $397 Aud



180 page + manual and hand prints examples provided

Pictures and archetypes included for ease of learning
Access to recordings if you can not make the call live
Facebook group for all attendees

Q&A - 60 minute calls 2 weeks after last class to integrate
with the group

BONUS: Monetize your Gift Markings Course valued $497
BONUS 2: 30 minute Hand Analysis with Luanne
BONUS 3: Ticket to Path to Purpose 2 day live event valued $497

****PRIOR STUDENTS  $797 please contact me for your rate if you want to repeat***



Natali Brown after her Life Purpose Reading

Patty Ann Waho after her Life Purpose Reading


Hi Luanne, Want to send you a message to thank you! What a great Hand Analysis Level 1 weekend I have had together with you and the fabulous Pamelah Landers from the US!GIGI-normal.jpg First I thought I was going to learn a system (the prints in my hands) but I also gained so much knowledge about MYSELF.

My life purpose (what I am here for) and my life lessons (what I struggle with) and what keeps me from living the life of my dreams!

You created a great environment for us in the group to share, cry and laugh. It was all very focused (in a laid back way) and well organised.

Well worth my time and money. And as a bonus.....I can use what I learnt from Level 1 straight away on my customers and charge them! Much love! Gigi The Level I Hand Analysis Training is a doorway to your deepest self.         GIGI LINDROS



cathy-normal.pngRecognising the profound truth and wisdom encoded in our fingerprints and deciding to do Level 1 Training is one of my smartest ever investments in myself. I was moved and empowered by the layers of accuracy as my hands were analysed during the training. I have bought clarity, relief, and tools for change to all who have offered their hand prints for a reading since this time

Cathy Walker – Australia



Sondre1-normal.pngI had the privilege of receiving my hand reading from Luanne in early 2014 and the information I received profoundly shifted a deep doubt that I had held about myself. When I decided to attend the Hand Analysis training I was so fortunate that Luanne delivered Pamelah Launders right to our Melbourne doorstep! To learn from a true Master in a small and intimate group is such a rare opportunity.

I am now able to assist my clients obtain greater clarity using hand analysis so they can be on purpose and create deeper meaning in their lives.

Sondre Callec 

Hand Analysis client Michael sent me this recently.

Hey Luanne, I trust you are well.  You may not remember me, but I had a reading with you a few years back.  At the time it was extremely helpful and the learnings have stayed with me.  The Journey has been really challenging yet now I am feeling so more connected and whole as a person. I have learnt to appreciate all the gifts I have been given particularly the Mars Star and three heart lines.  Finding balance between intense masculine drive power and strength and feminine love, nurturing and vulnerability.  You mentioned that tantra would be beneficial and that stayed with me.  I have been recently exploring it more and more and love the growth I am experiencing both giving and receiving love, and holding space for those who need.  A lot of heart opening has happened lately and I feel the urge to express my deepest love
and gratitude to you for helping me along the way. :). THANK YOU LUANNE - Infinite love - Michael.

How the training will be delivered

All training will be delivered over 12 modules mainly each week (some dates will be fortnightly due to xmas).

They will be live trainings via Zoom and all materials and workbooks will be available in the private membership group that you will have unlimited access to.

If you miss a week live you will always have access to the recording.

We will have a private facebook group for interaction, stories, questions during the weeks.

Q&A - 60 minute calls 2 weeks after last class to integrate
with the group

BONUS: Monetize your Gift Markings Course valued $497
BONUS 2: 30 minute private call with Luanne re your own hand analysis
BONUS 3: Ticket to Path to Purpose 2 day live event valued $497
All prices are in Australian dollars


All class times will be Monday evenings AEST Melbourne lasting for 60 minutes  CLICK TIME CONVERTER

They will be live trainings via Zoom and all materials and workbooks will be available in the private membership group that you will have unlimited access to.

If you miss a week live you will always have access to the recordings.

16th September 2019
7.00pm - 8.00pm classes


An short interview showing you the power of Life Schools <3


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