Purpose Embodiment Retreat Application

Hi beautiful,

I see you are hearing the invitation to join me and a gorgeous group of women for 4 days and nights.

I would love to know a little bit more about you so I can tailor your experience to be all you desire.

If we are a good match (and I know we will be as you've already felt into this) I will send you the booking link and we will get you all booked in.


Many blissings Luanne


First and last name

Best phone number

Email address

What has drawn you to the retreat ?

Do you feel you have a special calling you are not fulfilling? What is it ?

What do you feel is the cost of not fulfilling your special calling ?

If you were living to your full potential, how would your life look and feel ?

What would you like to learn and experience from this retreat ?

Do you have any food alergies or things you prefer not to eat ?

We will be having a divine vegan chef prepare our meals. Don't worry you will not go hungry and there will be a little bit of wine here and there too.

Are you ok with sharing in front of a group ?

While you do not have to share everything that is going on for you, I will tell you that everything is welcome. The tears the joy - all of it.

To be witnessed and all totally private - what happens on the retreat stays on the retreat.


Have you had your hands read by me yet ?

If you haven't - you will have this done.

If you have - then we will go over what is currently showing and more depth into the gorgeous gifts your hands want to reveal.

Have you done any womens work before ?

Just checking in on what you have already done. Even if you have not done anything before this is totally fine.

We will be doing different practices and you are always at choice to decide if you want to join in or not.


Are you ready to deep dive <3

On a level from 1 - 10 how are your energy levels currently ?

Thank you beautiful

Thank you gorgeous for filling in the form.

I am sooooo super excited you have heard the Invitation and joining us.

Here are the links to pay for your retreat. You can do payment plan or in full.


Many blissings Luanne